ZoomEssence CEO, Bob Corbett recently explained to Food Business News how ZoomEssence, Inc.’s low-temp drying process to deliver flavor results helps reduce sweetner costs.

“We have found this advantage allows us to obtain the desired sweetness level with less stevia, driving down sweetener cost and limiting the residual bitterness,” said Robert G. Corbett, chief executive officer. “Sweetener can sit on top of flavor, decreasing its performance. Our patented technology, however, allows brands to rebalance, and for the flavor to really pop, increasing the flavor experience. It also means brands use less flavor, which reduces their cost-in-use.”

Mr. Corbett explained that the trend away from artificial sweeteners, such as sucralose and acesulfame potassium, toward natural sweeteners like stevia and monk fruit presents challenges of bitterness and off-notes along with a high cost-in-use. ZoomEssence has combined several proprietary ingredients to deliver concentrated actives that mask these undesirable tastes.

“This allows the formulator to reduce the impact of these undesirable notes on the perception of sweetness and enhance the performance of the actual flavor,” he said. “Typically, we deliver lower use rates of both sweetener and flavor, significantly reducing cost in use while achieving great taste.”

While added sugars and sweetener type influence purchase decisions, shoppers also look at the whole beverage package. This includes nutritional content and addition of value-added ingredients. Because these components impact flavor and mouthfeel, it is paramount that a sweetening system be considered very early in the product development cycle.

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