Our team at ZoomEssence loves a challenge, particularly when it comes to addressing the issue with high-protein bars…taste and stability. In the early days of Zoom, we focused on designing flavors for functional powder beverages. Protein powders, pre-workout drinks, plant proteins you name it and we’ve made it taste better and last longer. Odds are if you’ve consumed any great-tasting powder beverages you’ve had our CoolZoom® flavor and you just didn’t know it. Our flavors make even the most challenging formulations sing with more taste and aroma thanks to our game-changing technology.

As our business has grown, we’ve expanded to flavoring functional Ready-to-Drink beverages. We can make these ready-to-drink beverages taste better. Now, we are turning our attention to functional foods. And we have taken on the challenge the only way we know how to at Zoom Essence…all in. It’s our culture, it’s how we are different, it’s who we are. In this case, the opportunity we presented to our team of flavor creators, emulsion scientists and application scientists was to make a high protein bar taste good for longer than a few weeks. Impossible? Our technical team was convinced it could be done. They developed a line of encapsulated flavors that are stronger and more protected against the flavor-swallowing reactions that occur in high-protein-bar formulations. It wasn’t easy. We started out by making sure we could mask some of those off-notes that naturally occur in high protein bars. With the protein masked, we then developed a line of flavors that could survive this challenging high-protein formulation.

We studied the flavor reactions that occurred. We looked at how some solvent systems prevented us from delivering enough taste and we identified certain ingredients that our technology allows us to include in our flavor formulas that our competitors cannot. The ultimate test…can we deliver great chocolate taste without cocoa? It took some open-minded thinking and some trial and error, but we got there. Today, we have an engineered line of 40+ flavors that are ready to go in bar applications. Our team of application scientists are ready to create a bar for you or provide the needed flavors to your design team. Let’s start making protein bars that don’t taste like protein bars. There’s a whole new world of taste in your future and ZoomEssence can help you deliver it.


At ZoomEssence we are moving flavor-forward utilizing low-temperature technology, (physics not chemistry) and customized design to create products bursting with more taste and aroma. Every taste, sip, nibble and bite is telling a story and creating life-long memories. Our low-temperature flavor creations are found in name brand products all around the world. We are Zooming® new sensory experiences and consumer connections right now in Hebron, KY and Sayreville, NJ. Taste matters.

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