Powder is a special breed of flavor requiring specific know-how. Zoom is the leading expert in powder flavor science. Our team of scientists partner with brands, to leverage our no-heat patented Zooming drying process, to create innovative new powder flavors. Our mission is to empower brands to deliver exceptional consumer taste experiences. CoolZoom Powder Flavors can be mixed in combinations never before possible with powder. Your flavor is your brand storyteller. Now your brand can connect with consumers in more ways than ever.

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We think about flavor as your creative brand asset. We design your powder flavor to amplify your attributes, express your brand's personality, and to create a unique identity. Our team will create your flavor to enhance any brand positioning you can imagine - for women only, premium, natural, energizing, sexy, adventurous, relaxing, or flat-out fun - your flavor is your brand.

Flavor Loving

ZoomEssence, Inc., designs and produces custom flavors in powder form for leading food and beverage brands around the world. Our company is comprised of flavor experts who believe that taste matters and know that iconic flavors are not simply sourced, they are designed. We know that we have one sip, one nibble, one taste, one whiff to make a first impression with your consumer.

A flavor to us is more than just an ingredient-when it's swirling inside a brand, it becomes a brand's storyteller, a key point of difference and a memory maker. We believe a flavor that is designed to deliver taste and aroma will have the sensory power to stir emotions and the power to create lasting, meaningful connections in our life experiences.