Liquid Quality Powder Flavors

With the age-old, high-heat spray dry process, liquid quality flavors in powder form didn't exist. We took the heat out with Zooming and created CoolZoom Powder. Heat distorts the taste, aroma and performance of a powder flavor. We are taste experts, innovators and design thinkers who believe in giving you what you pay for. Vanilla should taste like vanilla, not "sort of" vanilla. CoolZoom Powder Flavor will outperform and out taste any flavor powder competitor.

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Liquid Quality Powder Flavors

Taste Matters Now More Than Ever

Our Chief Taste Officer is your customer. New taste ideas for drink flavors and food flavors are Zooming across taste culture, stirring desires, vying for their attention and stimulating tasty social conversations. We taste, then tweet. Amazing taste is the standard. Your brand has to be its flavor-loving best. CoolZoom Powder Flavor has more taste, better taste, better solubility, and more sustainability than any other powder flavors. You can see the difference of CoolZoom Powder under the microscope. Every particle is dense with flavor. CoolZoom is the perfect powder particle.

Natural Loving

Natural ingredients, clean labels and less processing are the new way. CoolZoom Powder Flavors are a sanctuary for natural flavorings. Zooming, our no-heat drying process, makes your basil taste just picked. Your lemon will be as lemony as Mother Nature intended. Zooming is the lean, clean, and green way to turn natural extracts into a powder flavor. With Zoom, you have an ally in natural flavorings.

Liquid Quality Powder Flavors

CoolZoom Powder Benefits

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