Game-changing, low-temperature tech – the key to more taste and aroma.

Think of Zooming like cold brewing for spray drying. We swirl a liquid flavor into powder form using high-speed physics instead of high heat. Heat is the #1 enemy of flavor. Zooming packs a wallop of TASTE and AROMA into your powder flavor. You’ll use less in your formulations, reducing costs by as much as 30% or more. 


Zooming encapsulates aroma, and aroma is taste. Without aroma there is no flavor. Like “surprise” and “oh my!”, aroma and taste are a perfect pair. Studies show that up to 80 percent of taste is aroma. Zooming protects the aromatic notes in your powder flavor, bringing more aroma to your customer’s taste experience. Aroma is the key to taste. Zooming is the key to aroma.


Want to learn how the process works? Click through the steps below, or download our infographic PDF.

Step One

Our taste designers create your desired flavor in a
liquid form, bursting with taste and aroma.

Step Two

Your liquid flavor is ready to be transformed into a powder
using Zoom's patented, low heat cool process called Zooming. 
Heat is the enemy of natural flavors.

Step Three

Instead of heat, the liquid flavor is zoomed into a
powder using high speed physics!

Step Four

Out pops a powder that encapsulates the real
taste and aroma of the starting liquid flavor.

Step Five

Zooming is more efficient, using less water
& energy, so your flavor cost will be less.

Step Six

Your finished product has the superior taste
and exceptional aroma to complement your brand.
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