Food Business News   |   11.14.18


Jeff Stopa Talks About Ethnic Flavors with Food Business News

Our of culinary innovation at ZoomEssence spoke with Donna Berry of Food Business News about the rise in popularity of ethnic flavors. 


Among the 87% of consumers who order ethnic fare or food with ethnic flavors when eating out, nearly one third (32%) is willing to pay extra for authenticity, according to Technomic's 2018 Ethnic Food & Beverage Consumer Trend Report. Thirty-six per cent like to explore regional varieties of mainstream ethnic cuisines to try new foods and flavors.

Why this surge in global flavor exploration? For starters, social media and global connectivity have made consumers aware of what the world is serving for dinner tonight.

"Food provides a way for people to indulge their cultural curiosity; it is modern-day sightseeing," said Jeff Stopa, director of culinary innovation for ZoomEssence. "In meat and poultry, there is a desire for the fusion of innovation and tradition and an expectation of authenticity."

To deliver an authentic experience, it is essential to capture the nuanced taste and aromatics of quality natural herbs and spices, as well as the traditional cooking processes. For many, global cuisine is as much about the flavor as it is the preparation. But this comes with challenges in commercial manufacturing.

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