Drinkpreneur | Beverage News   |   3.9.18


ZoomEssence's Chief Scientest quoted in Drinkpreneur.com about Zoom's new patent covering its low-temprature powder drying process. 


"This new patent reflects Zoom's continued investment in Zooming low-temperature drying. Because of this process, Zoom powders have higher flavor retention, improved stability and are more cost-effective," said Dr. Charles Beetz, Zoom's Chief Scientist.

"Flavors are sensitive to heat.  Zooming's low-temperature conditions protect a liquid flavor during the drying process and captures the high-value aromatic ingredients present in the starting liquid. Since aroma significantly contributes to the overall taste experience, our powder flavors provide brands with flavor experiences never before possible in powder form. Each day we challenge what is possible in low-temperature drying," Beetz said.

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