ZoomEssence, Inc. (Zoom) announces that the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office has awarded another patent covering its Zooming™ technology. The patent is Zoom’s 5th related to its low-temperature powder drying technology, expanding the application of novel, turbulent mixing techniques to high-efficiency dryer designs.

“Our Zooming technology is a radical departure from traditional high-temperature spray drying. This new patent is a significant addition to our existing patent portfolio, describing new methods for improving drying efficiency through the use of novel, turbulent mixing concepts,” states Dr. Charles Beetz, Zoom’s chief scientist.

“This patent focuses on further utilizing the induction of localized turbulence in a drying fluid stream. Improved utilization of the drying fluid increases production rates while reducing capital, energy, and operating expenditures. Zooming technology changes the game by delivering aroma and taste not previously possible with powder flavors at significantly lower costs,” said CEO Robert Corbett.

“Through the employment of engineered turbulent flows, particle drying rates have been substantially increased. This advancement will radically change spray drying technology in the years to come,” added Beetz.

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